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Inanna says goodbye - we are CONSOOMED!!!!

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March 1st, 2009

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06:11 pm - Inanna says goodbye
Link to Inanna's history (you'll need to a member of Au to see this one)
Link to Peridot arriving (you need to be a member of DOA to see this one)

Noel, Peridot's father has already gone back to the underworld. He was unable to resist the temptation of black magic dealings and found it difficult to fit into the overworld. After breaking Maddy's heart and leaving her he finally had enough and returned home. He left behind Peridot in the care of Inanna, her estranged mother. This was an unwise decision. He has been putting pressure on Inanna to return Peridot.

Inanna, is not the motherly type and is relieved to be able to hand Peridot back. She loves her, as much as she is able but cannot care for her. Their relationship is an odd one with Inanna treating Peri like a grown up and Peri craving the attention of a mother.

It has finally come time to say goodbye...

Inanna: Peridot, your father wants you back...I am sorry...I have to let you go.
Peridot: But...

Inanna: I am sorry but this has to be...you can't stay here any longer.

Inanna: ( I just can't do this, I can't cope, I can't be everything she wants me to be...He wants me to be...It is for the best.)

Inanna: Come on, Brave face Peri...time to go...Daddy's waiting for you in the underworld now...don't you want to see him again?
Peridot: Yes...are you coming too?

Inanna: No Peri...I can't (I'll never see you again...)

Peridot:Mummy...why are you crying?

Inanna: Just sad to see you go...but you are better being with Daddy, he will look after you...I am not a good Mummy anyway, am I ?

Peridot: I will miss you Mummy!
Inanna: I will miss you too, my first born.

Inanna: Come on Peri, the portal is open, you have to go

Peridot: Okay Mummy, if you say so... (excitedly) Daddy! I see Daddy!

Inanna: Gone, so soon, so quickly. there wasn't enough time to...Well there just wasn't enough time...gone forever now...

Inanna: She will never know...

...never meet...

...her half brother or sister...

I really would love to see any photo stories any of you do for pre arrival pics!

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Date:February 16th, 2013 07:06 pm (UTC)
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