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we are CONSOOMED!!!!

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August 27th, 2009

07:17 pm - tomorrow tomorrow!
My Glot comes tomorrow- after being held ransom for 5 days in customs!

Soooo excited! I have made her a wig, can't remember where her eyes are and have no time to face her up and blush her...but apart from that all is good!

Who on here has theirs now? I think it would be lovely if you added a pic! treat this like a little Glot and Glati scrapbook!

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June 30th, 2009

12:01 pm - It has been a while.,...
GLOTS and GLATI'S are starting to ship!

Someone on DOA got their shipping notice!


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April 25th, 2009

09:34 am - YAY!
Long time no posts in here!

I have just paid my final layaway on GLOT!!!!!

No doubt still ages to wait before they ship- but YAY anyway!

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March 6th, 2009

04:22 am
I'm not only crazy enough to go for one of these tykes, but crazy enough to create an account on this site just so I could post on here ¬.¬ Anyway, hello, Einon is Einon, not hard to guess.
I do however have him on split, so my apologies to anyone who wants them whole, mine isn't going to be a whole one. But hey, that makes him different.
So ideas, well, I wouldn't have gone for him without ideas...

Type: Soom Glati
Name: Sannan
Age: 23 at last check
Species: Pegacorn (That is pegasus/unicorn or winged unicorn to put it another way)
Wig: Looking likely to be a For My Doll Regrets in black
Eyes: Difficult. His left eye is blue which is easy to find, his right eye is red on red with a red white...
Faceup/body blushing: Will be the biggest challenge. Sannan has pale blue stripings over his face, back, arms and legs. His hooves are blue also. That is the difficult part
Outfit: I wanted the Glati outfit for him, however none of it was quite accurate, so instead his outfit is going to have to be custom made..if anyone knows how to make fingerless dolly gloves, I need a nudge from you. He also wears a pair of pince nez and carries a staff...yeah ^^;
Story: Sannan is a pegacorn with a bit of a secret - he was born with a gift/curse (depending on your point of view) known as the Dragon's Eye. The Dragon's Eye is a source of great strength and power - if the one with it learns to control it that is. When this gift was discovered soon after he was born, his parents abandoned him in their superstitions, he was handed over to the nearby Sanctuary of Healers in the hope that his 'curse' could be cured. It was discovered in time however that Sannan's Dragon Eye gave him the ability of a healing touch, and he was so trained as a healer. Sannan however holds no control over his gift, and using his healing power activates the Eye, resulting in him shifting red and runnning riot. After an attack on his village by some horned monster, his gift is made public to the people and he is blamed for the attack. Two days later he leaves on the back of a cart, on self exile, never to return.

Sannan is a character of mine I created a few years ago, though his full story took some time to emerge and expand. Not long after getting into the hobby, I saw a horse doll (Domadoll Centaurs) and was determined to get a doll created of Sannan. Gone through all ideas from Cherishdoll Alley Unicorn, to Sard, to even a DollZone doll with Heliot hooves. After seeing Glati though I realised that he would actually be perfect for Sannan at last ^^

But anyway, this is Sannan...or the best picture of him I have drawn ^^;

Okay, I am now officially done ^^;

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March 3rd, 2009

03:57 pm - My turn!
So I should tell you all about my girl then too!

Type: Soom Glot.
Name: Tabitha (Greek name of Aramaic origin, meaning "female gazelle.")
Age: Unknown
Species: Half devil Half Daemon
Wig: Default
Eyes: Default
Background: Little sister to Puck (DoC Too) Pucks full devil mother has been at it again, in an attempt to outdo her sister (kitteychans DD Silver who is a Succubus) she has gone to find someone else to seduce. Be poor at it, and to evil not to want to kill her target she can never find anyone who doesn’t run away in the first few seconds. With Pucks father she found (in Pucks words) a brave and mysterious man, with knowledge like no one has seen before. He was on a train platform wearing a yellow anorak and had a note book.
So after the train spotter she seems to have found a low class daemon.
Not a mothering kind of person she sent the new child to be with the other one.

Options I ordered with her: Eyes, wig, Outfit, feather wings.
On a four month layaway.
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March 1st, 2009

05:59 pm
Hey guys, my name's redderz and I've been SOOMed! XD

I ordered a Glati with a face-up and body painting, because I wouldn't be able to paint those horns and hooves to my own satisfaction! And his little angry eyebrows are so cute. ;)

Here's the in-progress profile for my little guy. His name is Hermes, named after the Greek messenger. I can relate to this, because my birth planet is Mercury, which is usually associated with Hermes. :D


Type: SOOM LE Glati
Name: Hermes
Age: Unknown
Species: Psychopomp
Skin: White
Hair: (Still unsure)
Eyes: (Still unsure)
Sex: Male
Personality: Hermes is a young Psychopomp, or in simpler terms, an escort for the dead. Despite his youthful looks, he is actually pretty old. He is the bridge between the human and the demon world, and enjoys meeting new people, even if they are dead!
As he works in the demon world, he knows a lot of the devils from the Devil School, some of them who frequently misjudge his small size, but Hermes soon puts them in their place!
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06:11 pm - Inanna says goodbye
Link to Inanna's history (you'll need to a member of Au to see this one)
Link to Peridot arriving (you need to be a member of DOA to see this one)

Noel, Peridot's father has already gone back to the underworld. He was unable to resist the temptation of black magic dealings and found it difficult to fit into the overworld. After breaking Maddy's heart and leaving her he finally had enough and returned home. He left behind Peridot in the care of Inanna, her estranged mother. This was an unwise decision. He has been putting pressure on Inanna to return Peridot.

Inanna, is not the motherly type and is relieved to be able to hand Peridot back. She loves her, as much as she is able but cannot care for her. Their relationship is an odd one with Inanna treating Peri like a grown up and Peri craving the attention of a mother.

It has finally come time to say goodbye...

Inanna: Peridot, your father wants you back...I am sorry...I have to let you go.
Peridot: But...
see the restCollapse )

I really would love to see any photo stories any of you do for pre arrival pics!

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10:28 am - Circe...can it fit ?
As I said in my post about my plans, I might call her Circe
history of the goddess circe

Circe is not a demon, but I don't feel I have to have a demon name. Circe is deceptive and hard and gives you the impression she is something she is not. She clearly dislikes gluttony and to some extent men...so maybe a bit like her mother, Inanna, who is not a fan of holding down relationships!

So yeah, I think I will go with Circe- unless she really downs't fit it when I get her!

Anyhoo, let hear some fo your dolly ideas and profiles!

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February 28th, 2009

07:46 pm - Glot: Deccaboo's Gorgo
I've ordered a Glot with eyes, wig and costume, no blushing or face-up :)

Appearance: I want to try and recreate the LittleFee Ante look (or at least find someone else who will be able to!) I really like Ante's peachy cheeks and deep coloured lips and I want my Glot to look very girly and young. She'll be keeping the default wig, but I'll be swapping out her blue eyes (as pretty as they are, they're not for Gorgo) and she'll be wearing yellow/gold eyes.

I'll be using references of real hooved/horned animals for Gorgo's hooves and horns, I want them to have a weathered look, so they'll probably be a yellow ochre-wash over the resin with accents of darker ochre to mark the grooves in the horns and weathering in her hooves. The feathering of hair on her legs will be brown to match her wig.

She'll be keeping her default outfit, but once she's home I'll be making her a seperate outfit from chamois leather and perhaps some furry pants for that 'real' satyress look! Not sure I'll be keeping the resin wings at this point...

Type: Soom Glot.
Name: Gorgonelat, Lady Tartarus, but Gorgo for short
Age: 6
Species: Demon
Wig: SOOM Default
Eyes: Dollmore Special Acrylic
Other bits: Gorgonelat is a yellow-eyed demon* who prefers the form of a satyr-child and she is the baby sister of my other yellow-eyed demon, Zeelzaroth. They are as thick as thieves and often to be found wreaking mischief wherever they go. Zeelzaroth is very protective of Gorgonelat and she adores her big brother too. Gorgo is not entirely evil or entirely good, she can be sweet and kind one minute and cruel and merciless the next. Don't underestimate her...even if she does look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

*Yes, like the YED from Supernatural ^_^

Layaway payments:
28/2/2009 - 1st payment of $118.75...only $356.65 to go...
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06:43 pm - My Glot
I have ordered Glot on 3 month layayway- but recent doll sales might mean i pay her off early!

I have ordered the outfit and feather wings and no more.


Face up and eyes :  no pupil pink eyes (like Glati) and a pale pinkand apricot face up, very glossy lips and white eyelashes if I can find them!

Blushing: Hooves and horns will be brown, to beige to pink to peach. Her wings will be pink and peach with some beige for shadow.

Wig: I am oging to make a dusky pink fur wig ( I have some beutiful quality pink fur) with low plaits either side, this menas her wings will be shown off :)

Outfit: Soom Glot outfit and feather wings

NAME: not sure yet, but I am thinking Circee at the moment

STORY: She is the daughter of Inanna ( my owl goddess and fairy, Unoa hybrid). Inanna does not share the same morals as humans and has already abandoned one daughter when she faked her own death to get away from a relationship. She hid in the underworld for time  and met a charming demon. She is about to find out she is pregnant with his child. When little Glot is born, she is strong and grows very quickly, it seems that demon babies start life as toddlers.Inanna is surprised and finds it hard to adjust.. Little Glot won't leave her alone though and follows her everywhere- Inanna is a little scared of her if truth be told! Will she learn to love her daughter?

Mummy dearest

(each new member create a new post for their dolly- so each person has their own dolly thread people can comment on)

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